The New Tannermooredesign

March 23, 2017Blog & News, Launches

With all my time focused on my clients needs – it was easy to neglect my own portfolio site, but with my New Year’s resolution to quit smoking and start jogging failing miserably, I turned to my third place resolution to finally put a coat of paint on storefront. TMD has been a thing – since … Read More

Yummy Yoga branding and Class Card

October 2, 2013Blog & News, Featured

Yoga instructor Sarah Diedrick came to us looking for a class card to hand out to her students – she wanted a fun, fresh, personal look incorporating her love of watercolor. (Click for full back and front spread.)

New Laughing River Yoga print work

August 22, 2012News

I love working with Emily, Jane and Sofi at Laughing River Yoga – a handful of times a year they come to me with some print needs, usually their seasonal schedule postcard, sometimes a poster series or a sandwich board concept. Besides being great clients, they’re incredible Yogis who take what they do very serious. … Read More

Helping “Što Te Nema?”

July 11, 2012Launches

A few months ago I was approached by an associate who knew an artist, who needed a website to help promote her work –  important work  – reminding people that not long ago, very recently infact, the world and it’s governments stood by while terrible atrocities were committed. “Što Te Nema?” Is a beautiful memorial to … Read More

A New Adventure… In Granola!

May 30, 2012Launches, News

TMD is happy to announce the launch of the new Adventures in Granola website – a great non-profit that helps young people with disabilities make batches of delicious handmade granola! Head over to the website and have a look, get yourself some Granola and spread the word! Deborah Lamden, Executive Director of Partners in Adventure … Read More

TMD helps Vermont’s Resourceful Renovator launch their new website

March 2, 2012Launches

TMD worked closely with Rob & Jen at Resourceful Renovator to handcraft them a website that met their exact standards and specifications – along with a New website, we cleaned up their branding and put together a new business card. Site design by TMD, custom build on WordPress. Click here to visit the new Resourceful … Read More

Help stop SOPA & Protect IP – some information to get your started.

January 15, 2012News

PROTECT IP / SOPA Breaks The Internet from Fight for the Future on Vimeo. Some of you may not have heard of SOPA and Protect IP legislation currently making it’s way through the system. I’m not going to go into an indepth explanation as plenty of information exists already to help clarify the issue at hand. I … Read More

Kone Marketing & TMD team up to help Natalie MacLean

October 1, 2011Featured, Launches

A few months back Dan and Ray at Kone Marketing – a full service web marketing team out of the Toronto area brought me on board for some help in tackling a couple wordpress sites. Just recently I helped them launch a new Video Blogs service of Natalie MacLean‘s Wine tasting website The project … Read More

Closetista tries on a new WordPress Template

September 15, 2011Featured, Launches

My colleague Mike L. came to me a few weeks ago with a problem – his startup, Closetista had the wining designs for their new site design, and only a long weekend to turn it into a functioning WordPress site. Not a problem.  We laid out the custom functionality requirements, custom fields and plugins, and i set to work … Read More

I’m at Wordcamp San Francisco!

August 12, 2011News

August is vacation time for alot of people in various industries, i’m not actually sure if that’s the case w/ web developers & designers – but it is for me, my birthdays at the end of the month, and usually by this point in the summer i’m pretty burned out from work. This year it … Read More