Sto Te Nema (original design)

A few months ago I was approached by an associate who knew an artist, who needed a website to help promote her work –  important work  – reminding people that not long ago, very recently infact, the world and it’s governments stood by while terrible atrocities were committed. “Što Te Nema?” Is a beautiful memorial to the lives lost to the ethnic cleansing during the Bosnian war –  as the creator, Aida Sehovic, of the memorial says:

Visit Sto Te Nema“Što Te Nema?” is collectively assembled and disassembled by people on city plazas and squares once a year. The public participates by placing small, porcelain coffee cups on the ground and filling them with Bosnian coffee prepared on the spot throughout the day. The thousands of small porcelain coffee cups called fildžani have been collected and donated by Bosnian families all over the world. Their number increases each year, roughly corresponding to the growing number of bodies found, identified and buried to date. As a self-perpetuating monument without a permanent physical place (with a nomadic physical site), “Što Te Nema?” consistently depends on the public’s active participation and initiative in order to exist. The involvement and participation that happen through this shared ritual allow for constant re-creation, re-interpretation and reproduction of personal and collective memory of Srebrenica genocide.”

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