August is vacation time for alot of people in various industries, i’m not actually sure if that’s the case w/ web developers & designers – but it is for me, my birthdays at the end of the month, and usually by this point in the summer i’m pretty burned out from work. This year it turns out, WordCamp 2011 coincided w/ my vacation to visit friends in San Francisco – so yeah, two birds, 1 stone.

This will be my first Wordcamp, and first web development conference in general. It feels like some kind of turning point in my career – like, i can no longer fake that i’m a huge web nerd, i’m actually paying to go and spend my entire weekend sitting through discussions on the history of SPAM, SEO, Typekit and How BuddyPress integrates better w/ WP 3.0. All the while SF’s killer Outside lands festival is going on. It’s totally worth it though.

I'm attending WordCamp San Francisco 2011!

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