WordPress Maintenance & Hosting

Many clients come to us with questions, looking for a reliable hosting solution – there is an endless sea of hosting companies out there, all offering predictably cookie cutter solutions – but there’s never any assurance that the hosting you’re getting is going to be what you need. If your site goes down, who can you talk to?

When you host through TMD, you get the assurance that we’re constantly monitoring up time and tracking any issues. If your site goes down, we have the right access at our fingertips to quickly troubleshoot and offer a solution.

Our hosting packages run from small to large, and are customizable to your needs – unlimited storage space and ample bandwidth allowances, email accounts, FTP & cPanel access, and more.

If you have your site on an existing host that you’re not happy with, we can transfer your site simply & safely, with minimal to no downtime.

After your site is launched the work isn’t done – websites, like your home, require regular maintenance to stay functioning and safe. To that end, we have you covered, and are happy to offer custom maintenance packages to keep your site safe from malicious hackers and malware, as well as make regular updates to your content and designs.

If you have an existing WordPress site hosted elsewhere, we can still work with you to set up a regular maintenance schedule, audit your site for vulnerabilities, scan for malware, and get your WordPress core and plugin files up to date.

Get in touch to discussion your options.

Basic Maintenance

  • Basic Maintenance: Uptime monitoring
  • WordPress Core Upgrades
  • WordPress Plugin Upgrades

Pro Maintenance

  • Unlimited Backups with no content expiration date.
  • Uptime Monitoring with advanced “always up” enabled via Cloudflare + Argo
  • Real-time Malware Scanning
  • WP Core Upgrades
  • Plugin Upgrades
  • One hour of dev time applicable towards any upgrade issues / site tweaks.
  • Site analysis pertaining to plugin / core compatibility, abandoned plugins, new plugins, replacement features, and more.